• Eider by Adriana Buskin
  • Black Grouse by Chris Barlow
  • Jack Snipe by Mark Eaton
  • Black Redstart by Alan Jack
  • Shorelark by David Dinsley
  • Waxwing by Paul Buskin
  • Whooper Swans by Chris Barlow
  • Iceland Gull by Alan Curry
  • Sanderlings by Alan Jack
  • Curlew by Paul Buskin
  • Brent Goose by Alan Curry
  • Barnacle Goose by Adriana Buskin


The Northumberland & Tyneside Bird Club
was founded in 1958 and membership is open to all with a beneficial interest in ornithology. The recording area for the club comprises Northumberland, North Tyneside and Newcastle upon Tyne.

As a registered charity the club produces the annual report for the area ‘Birds in Northumbria’ and holds regular indoor meetings and field trips in support of its aims.

The Club’s Aims Are:

Research –  to co-operate with local and national scientific ornithological enquiries, to study and record the birds of the club’s recording area and to publish results on any such research where appropriate.

Education – to promote interest, understanding and appreciation of ornithology particularly in the club recording area.

Publications –  to produce an annual report on the birds of the club’s recording area and a regular bulletin for members.