• A Teal from Howdon Wetlands by Jack Bucknall
  • A Pacific Diver at Ladyburn Lake, Druridge Bay Country Park in January 2017 by Paul Buskin
  • A Siberian Accentor at Newbiggin in October 2016 by Alan Jack
  • An Isabelline Wheatear at Holy Island in October 2016 by Tim Sexton
  • A Shorelark at Blyth in October 2015 by David Dinsley
  • An Eider from Seahouses by Adriana Buskin
  • A Jack Snipe from Beadnell by Mark Eaton
  • A Redwing from the Wallsend Parks by Paul Buskin
  • An Iceland Gull by Alan Curry
  • Whooper Swans by Chris Barlow
  • A Lapland Bunting from St Mary's by Paul Buskin
  • Sanderlings from St Mary's by Alan Jack
  • A Waxwing from Ashington by Paul Buskin
  • A Brent Goose by Alan Curry
  • A Barnacle Goose by Adriana Buskin
  • A Curlew by Alan Jack
  • Bar-tailed Godwits from St Mary's by Adriana Buskin
  • Black Grouse by Chris Barlow

Identification Matters

This section contains various articles, papers, etc. dealing with diverse identification matters which it is hoped may be of interest to club members and other birders when out ‘in the field’.

If you feel that you would like to contribute something to this section please email ntbcorg@gmail.com


Spoonbills in Northumberland 2011

by Mike S. Hodgson

A review of the substantial influx into the county during late spring and summer 2011 with reference to ageing criteria that may be used.  Read More


Black-tailed Godwits – Sub-Specific Identification & Status in the County

by Chris G. Knox

A review of the field identification of the two main sub-species and an overview of their status in Northumberland.  Read More


Yellow-legged Gulls

by County Records Committee

An aid to identification and criteria for record assessment produced (in September 2004) by the Northumberland County Records Committee.         Read More


Water and Rock Pipits in Northumberland

by Mike S Hodgson

A look at this species pair, that sometimes cause confusion in the county, with hints on some identification pointers. There have been several long-staying Water Pipits in recent winters.  Read More


Central Asian Lesser Whitethroats

by Colin Bradshaw

A short article with photos focusing on the problems of the racial identity of some of the ‘Lesser Whitethroat’ group. This was generated by the interest shown by birders in the identity of a Lesser Whitethroat at St. Mary’s Island in October 2009.  Read More


Identifying ‘Siberian’ Chiffchaffs

by Colin Bradshaw

Another short article with photos concentrating on the features needed to correctly get to grips with this rare and difficult subspecies.  Read More